Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wet Screens and Window Boxes

When I moved into my house I was delighted that I had a window over my sink. I look out onto my neighbor's driveway, mostly camouflaged by crepe myrtles and a few unidentified bushes. There's my beautiful Japanese cherry, which blooms in the Spring and creates the best picture out of my window EVER. But the best part of having a window over the sink is being able to have a window box. My parents bought me one for my birthday and I have loved it. My sink sprayer goes unused except to do what it does perfectly, and that's to water — right from my place at the sink, through the screen. A daily morning ritual that trumps that first cup of coffee. I especially like the light playing off of the water on the screen, filling in random squares, almost like playing Lite-Brite, counted cross stitch or paint-by-number with water.

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Daisys Little Cottage said...

Beautiful photo and yes, Lite Brite exactly. (what a great memory). Smart step saving idea with the sink sprayer. Dont let your neighbor know tho, he my expect you to start washing his car from your kitchen.

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