Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Halloween Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner, I realized that I didn't post any pix from 2016's Halloween work party. I was at Anthem Worldwide in 2016, and worked with a group of people totally on board with dressing up and contributing to food and beverages. Always makes for a successful party when everyone is invested.

First of all, let me share with you what my daughter (Harleigh) and her now-husband (Abe) dressed as — Abe and Mary Todd Lincoln. Both made themselves look pale and tired (didn't everyone from that era tend to look like that?). Harleigh printed out a theatre ticket for admission to Ford's Theatre. They kept their stoic, serious expressions all night. I think they nailed it.

For the office party, I did a brunch. Halloween here in Atlanta is pegged as being one of the worst traffic days of the year, and so people leave work early (whether you have kids or not) just so they don't get snarled in a rush hour of people freaking out about getting home in time to hand out treats or get the kids dressed and out the door. Brunch seemed like a good compromise.

I was going to purchase black or orange utensils, but i had a small bolt of cheesecloth in my fabric stash that I thought might work for mummies, so I adorned all the utensils with wound strips of cheese cloth and glued on googly eyes.

Dollar Tree snakes, rats and spiders made their way into unexpected places.

Sprinkled some mousetraps around the buffet table.

And one of the party gals, dressed as a pest control technician, seemed to fit right in.

Dollar Tree Halloween decorations on windows, doors and glass services can't be beat. 
Cheap and effective.

More Dollar Tree decor for the hallway wall, Ladies Restroom sign and side table.

Another partygoer, a dude dressed as Princess Leia.

I came with a giant baby head and tiny hands. And won for the Most Disturbing.

Two fun food items lovingly created.

Use a plastic cauldron with a plate on top for an elevated serving piece.

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Christine said...

Are you going Thanksgiving again?????
I have always enjoyed your talent and creativity.
Congratulations to Harleigh and Abe!!

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