Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cookie Swap 2013

With the over-the-table decor still up from The Feast, it only made sense to move the annual Cookie Swap to the Big Table where we could enjoy the forest ambience. Added some snow, gum ball and candy garlands, glass balls, and a few glittery birds to make the forest into a Hansel and Gretel wonderland.

A traditional part of the tablescape is the Christmas carousel. I got this one back in the '80s from Lillian Vernon for like $20. They're much, much pricier now, but worth it.

Milk and water pour from Crate and Barrel bottles adorned with red ribbon.
Our office Christmas tree and fake fireplace (made of white foam core, with fake electric logs).

Monday, December 9, 2013

Deck the Halls

I don't know how you'd describe my Christmas decorating style.
It's a mix of tacky and tasteful.
Pastel and primary.
Vintage and modern.
Sorta all over the place. 
And it works, at least for me.

A Dollar Tree glittered ribbon adorns the hallway portrait 
of my Dad from his art school days.

And a big one graces the lampshade
in Harleigh's bathroom. 
The hallway sports the same treatment as last year —
white wreath on the linen closet door, and a 
stash of candy canes tied in ribbon and leaning in the corner.

The dollhouse on the hutch got a little flocked Christmas tree.

The trio of elves found a new home this year on a shelf in the study.

A small tree with glass ornaments sets atop the fridge.

And there's one in the foyer on the desk.
One of Gideon's favorite perches; he can look out the window at the front yard and street.
The paint along the floorboard is all chipped from where his nails have worn the paint.
I can't bear to repaint it. It would be like painting over the pencil tick marks on a door jamb where you've documentedyour children's heights over the years.

A tacky vintage reindeer on the hutch.

A vintage enamelware tub with pink poinsettias.
The cuckoo clock always gets a bottle brush wreath on the cuckoo's door.

Ice skates and the vintage sled I got at a yard sale for $5.

My favorite addition this year. 
The chalkboard-painted canvas from our Feast (used it as the menu)
with Linus's monologue from 
A Charlie Brown Christmas.

One of my crafted gifts this year, for my niece who is in graduate school studying Library Sciences.
Earlier this year, Spoonflower was offering a free square of any of their fabrics.
I dug around and found this card catalog fabric.
Made it into a little pillow.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Medal Winner!

She'd been training her little hiney off.
And preparing herself mentally for her first big race.
Thanksgiving morning, 7:30AM to be exact.
And the coldest Thanksgiving since 1911.
She did it!
Said she simply wanted to run the entire race, no walking. 
That's my girl. 
I stood at various spots along the race route, rooting her and her friends on,
a smile *literally* frozen on my face.
Blessed and thankful.

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