Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Long-Hunted-For Chest-of-Drawers

I've been looking for a small chest-of-drawers for Harleigh's room for quite some time. I found this today, stopping at an antique mall on the way home from taking her to work. Luckily she's not super picky, and so I can follow my taste somewhat and have a pretty good chance of making her happy. I found this piece, reproduction French Provincial, probably part of a large bedroom suite, and bargained it down in price by 20%. The drawers are in great working order and lined (although I'll probably swap out the liner for something different). I love how this traditional piece fits in with her eclectic room, including the bright yellow walls. I plopped this lamp on it that I had stashed away in a closet, but I can so see her finding something that more suits her taste.And after weeks of searching for the fabric for my chair and ottoman slipcovers, I've decided to go with an off-white cotton duck. Home decor fabric hunting is daunting, to say the least. Not just the sheer volume of choices, the prices. Ouch. Even with a discount, I'd be looking at at least $15 a yard . . . and I need 12 yards! So I checked out the cotton duck. $7.99 a yard at Jo-Ann's, and with a coupon in next Sunday's paper for 40% off, I'll be paying around $60. I think this is the route to go. If I'd have bought one of the fabrics I fell in love with 1) I'd be freaking out about dog and child sitting and lying on it in any manner less than dainty and stationary (that won't happen), and 2) I'd be sending my slipcovers to the dry cleaner vs. throwing them in the wash, which to me defeats the whole purpose of a slipcover.

So with the money I saved on fabric, I got my girlie a much needed chest-of-drawers, and I think I'll ask the upholsterer to go to the extra work/expense of gathering the fabric at the base of both chair and ottoman. Chateau Gahan, after all, is all about the girls, so why not add a little frufru to cotton duck.


Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Hi Dawn:

Just let me know if you can't find the magazine down there and I will send you one. I think the subscription is quite reasonable too.


Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

Anonymous said...

Love the chest of drawers. Sure wish I stumbled across things like that... And I'm totally with you on the cotton duck. Can't wait to see pictures when it's done!


Elizabeth said...

Very cute chest of drawers!! I wish I could find one like that but bigger!

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