Saturday, November 17, 2012

More Pictures from The Unboundary Feast

Every Thanksgiving Feast needs toothpicks. 
Nothing like sitting back in your chair, cleaning your teeth, engaged in good gab, 
feeling full and blessed.

Don't skimp on nice dishware and serving pieces. 
My grandmother would have rarely used plastic at a family meal. 
Posters around the office reminded everyone of the dinner to come. This one on the fridge door.

When you can't find the right props to dress up the mantle, 
find them online, print them out, mount them to foamcore, easel-back them, 
and get to decoratin'.

The plates were the one thing I would not budge on 
when it came to being authentic to a Norman Rockwell meal. 
I really wanted them to look vintage AND I wanted disposable plates. 
So, with clear plastic plates as my canvas, a floral pattern cut from tissue paper, and ivory spray paint, 
I think I came pretty close to feeling as if Nana herself set the table.

OK, so I did go with plastic for the utensils. The silver above is a great fill-in for the real thing. 
And the plastic spoons and forks below were for dessert. 
But had to dress them up in a vintage tin on top of a grandmother doily. 
The butter was served on vintage saucers.

This year's theme really struck a chord with me. Now, on to thinking of The Feast 2013 . . . 

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