Saturday, June 7, 2008

Have Shells, Will Cover Things in Shells

I had made posts about the shell crosses that I'd created. Liz of Mabel's House commented on one of those posts about trying to make a shell mirror. That spurred me on to address a mirror in my house that I've been meaning to do something with for a long time. I'm pretty sure I got it at a yard sale and liked the extra wide frame, knowing that it had potential to be "dressed up." So, with my over abundance of shells, I think I'll take some inspiration from Liz and start gluing. Wish me luck. (Dog paw reflection in mirror is a sign of good luck. I just made that up.)


kate said...

Ok before I read the whole post I looked at the picture and saw the mirror with what I thought was YOUR foot. My immediate thought was "Man, that lady sure needs a pedicure!" Then I clicked the pic to blow it up and saw it was not your foot. I was relieved and really should have finished reading first.

Liz said...

Cant wait to see! I'm sure it will be gorgeous!

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