Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Painted Baby Blocks from Ali's Shower

This is the third time I've done a baby shower incorporating a craft. Did blocks for Molly's shower. And small canvases for Amanda's. For Ali's Huck Finn shower, we went the block route, but I limited the palette to only the colors she's using in her nursery (organic neutrals like browns, greys and creams with accents of black and navy). The women did a wonderful job! (And selfishly speaking, having a group of less than 26 women means that there are lots of leftover blocks for me to paint!!)

Since I bought 30 blocks (and 26 got letters of the alphabet), 
I painted the leftover four with colors on all sides except for the one side where 
I put Mommy, Daddy, me and Ellie. Ellie is their dog, and she's white with black spots.

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Deborah Scott said...

Hi- can you please tell me what you painted and drew on the blocks with? I'm researching this as a shower craft project for an upcoming event. They're lovely!

Thank you!

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