Friday, June 27, 2008

Keeping Evil at Bay

Dear friend and co-worker Courtney returned from a 10-day trip to Greece with her church's youth group. Visit her lovely blog A Year of Drawing and you'll see some drawings from her trip there. She brought me back an evil-eye bracelet. She chose one in a lovely, warm shade of pink ('cause she knows I'm a sucker for anything pink). With the way things have been going at work lately I sometimes — no, a lot of times — feel evilness. It's not that the people I work with are evil, nor the surroundings or even my daily tasks. What I struggle with most is warding off the evil that manifests in my own being. When people annoy me or intimidate me, I wind up saying nasty things to myself either under my breath or in my head. Granted no one can hear my sarcastic, biting remarks, but I know that what I'm doing is not very Christian-like. And I'm fooling myself if I think that God doesn't cringe when he hears what I'm thinking.

So I don't wear my evil-eye bracelet like a Wonder Woman cuff, taking a stance with my wrists crossed, fending off the forces of evil. Rather I take a glance down at my wrist and am reminded that I really need to take the high road and be a better person.

Last night I was reading a Town & Country magazine and came across an ad for evil-eye jewelry made by Aaron Basha, famed jewelery designer of jeweled baby shoe charms. What are the chances of getting an evil-eye bracelet and spotting an evil-eye jewelry ad in the same day? The picture above is of the ad and you can see my pretty pink bracelet as well.

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Freckled Hen said...

I haven't seen a pink evil eye before. While we lived in Turkey our housekeeper taught us the customs behind the evil eye. She was so serious about it, I became scared silly! I won't ever get rid of mine...I like how you wear yours as a reminder to be kind. I cannot imagine you not being kind--you are so nice with your comments! Thanks for leaving me some, it always cheers me up. This selling the house business is stressFULL!

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