Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our dogs are IMPORTANT!

As a dog owner, I tap into lots of websites that help me with issues and questions I might have pertaining to my little buddy. As an Old English Sheepdog mom, my favorite site is one that is strictly about sheepies. The site is and has a ton of information as well as a community forum, where OES owners can get everything from grooming tips to finding play date groups. Yesterday I logged onto the site and was leafing through the photo gallery. Later that afternoon I had a comment on my blog from the webmaster of, Ron! Pure coincidence!

He had happened upon my site and read my “unimportant facts” list, commenting about one of the most important of my unimportant facts . . . my love for Old English Sheepdogs! I do think that I should change the list title from “unimportant facts” to perhaps “facts about me that you never knew” or something like that. I certainly don’t want anyone to think that Gideon is anything less than important!

Ron, thanks for all you do to bring the OES community together!


kate said...

Poor Gideon! He looks so sad and lonely in that picture!

Christina said...

Gideon! He is just so so adorable. I just want to hug him like a teddy bear!

Courtney said...

Cute photo of Gideon!!! Hello from Greece!!!! It is so beautiful here!!!! Check your stats because now you should have views from Greece!!!! Tell everyone I said hello -courtney

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