Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bridal Show Booth — And just when I was jonesin' for a project to do!

One of Harleigh's dear friends, Christina Pugh, is a recent Georgia Tech graduate and is pursuing a career as a wedding photographer. I got a taste of her mad skills when I recommended her to one of my clients, and she was subsequently hired, shooting a nautical baby shower. She approached me a couple weeks ago. She'd booked herself a booth at the Georgia Bridal Show, June 22, and was wanting to bounce some ideas off of me.

We met on a Friday evening at Chateau Gahan. The show supplies a 10' x 10' space, a 60" rectangular table with a white cloth and skirt, and two black metal chairs. Christina had a banner made with her logo, lots of printed branding materials (biz cards, rate postcards, etc.), and a wonderful array of samples (from bound books to a most lovely metal print). With her stellar work as the perfect inspiration and focus, we just needed a booth that would complement the photography, speak to Christina's style, and make enough of a statement to draw in brides.

Using a piece of graph paper, we plotted the 10' x 10' square space. Then we walked through Chateau Gahan (where every inch there's a treasure to be found!), and cobbled together enough furniture and accessories to create what we were pretty doggone certain would make a calm and inviting space. Our color palette was inspired by the blue heart in her logo. Soft blues, ivory, gray, and touches of pink and yellow in the flowers (I made a trip to Hall's Wholesale Flowers the day before) made for quite the backdrop to showcase Christina's photography.

We used her dad's big truck and my SUV, packed both to the gills (thank gosh for ratchet straps when we're busting at the gut in the truck bed!), and headed to the Gwinnett Civic Center for what proved to be a great day!

Here is the overall booth. We wanted an area for sitting. 
These two blue chairs I recently scored couldn't have been a better fit! 
The server against the back wall proved to be a great place to hide and store things 
(better than shoving items underneath the skirted table).

We wanted a piece of furniture at the entrance to the booth. 
It holds the metal print (gave my wooden easel a fresh coat of ivory paint!), 
a grand pitcher of flowers, business cards and postcards.
We figured if a bride didn't want to come into the space, 
at least she could grab information from this table.

I have two small cement troughs that pulled in the gray nicely and were used to hold business cards.

A little tin tip tray that I use on my kitchen counter to hold my eyeglasses 
became a postcard holder.

I have tons of these shutters, and I've used them for so many things.
Once again, put them to good use here.
Pictures were mounted onto card stock 
and then hung with a simple strip
of gray stain ribbon.

The tin wall pocket is lined with a vintage cross-stitched napkin
and holds Christina's info/rate postcards.

We used boxes covered with fabric to give varying heights to her 
sample wedding and engagement albums.

Remember this folding door turned screen that I salvaged from a soon-to-be-demolished home?
I've used it in a wedding already, 
and here it was repurposed as the backdrop for more photos!

The round rolling table is from my living room.
I took the round tabletops out (they are held in place by metal clips)
and spray painted them ivory. What a makeover!
Stacked some books below that tie in with all of our colors.

Here's a gravy boat holding coupons.
Flowers were arranged in ceramic pitchers, a tole trash can and glass jars.

Even though Christina hadn't contracted for an electrical hook-up,
that didn't stop us from including a lamp in our venue.
Adds warmth and homeyness.

I had brought leftover flowers in a big black plastic bucket, thinking I could use them somewhere.
Christina had a basket she had used to lug in supplies.
The quilt piece was one of many we had used when packing and transporting the furniture.
Pull it all together, and we've got us a vignette!

{Images courtesy of Christina Pugh Photography}

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Empty Nest Full Life said...

You are a rock star when it comes to this sort of thing. Absolutely lovely!

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