Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hometown Nazareth

I headed up decor for our church's vacation Bible school last year (a space theme) and had such a great time that I offered to do it again this year. The theme is Hometown Nazareth: Where Jesus Was A Kid. How fun is that??!! And so I met with two of my most carpentry-savvy volunteer gents and told them I wanted a village set for the kids. Something that would make them feel like they are in Biblical-time Nazareth. Out of the meeting I drew up my plans, and lo and behold, I've got me a village! (I felt like Genevieve handing off drawings to Amy Wynn on an episode of Trading Spaces!) It's two walls, each about 3" thick and roughly 10' wide by 6' tall, on wheels, that I can paint on both sides. One side will be the outside of the buildings, the other the inside. They'll work great for skits and for outside of the church (on the first morning of VBS) where we create all sorts of hoopla welcoming the kids.

I plan on hanging fabric in the doorway, curtains in the windows. For one of the skits, Mary will be talking to the audience from her home, and I plan on having her holding a wicker basket of laundry and hanging the wet clothes to dry from the clothesline while she talks. Here's the list of what I've asked church members to donate/loan in the effort to bring Nazareth to life:

• wicker or cane baskets
• plastic fruits and vegetables
• bales of hay
• ceramic/clay urns, jugs and pottery
• feedbags that we can stuff with newspaper to look like real feedsacks
• fake stones (anyone have any that they've made for a theatrical set?)
• plastic or silk plants and trees (especially palms)
• Mexican blankets/rugs
• ANY kind of chairs and tables that look rustic enough to have been from Biblical times

Will share pictures of the final set-up in early June!

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Meredith said...

I'm in charge of our church's VBS decorations this year and we are also doing Hometown Nazareth. I have been given a TINY budget to work with, and was planning to make the set out of cardboard. But I love your design. Do you mind me asking about how much it cost you to build this? Thanks so much!
meredith Eisele

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