Sunday, June 28, 2009

Screen on the Green at Chateau Gahan

Last night Chateau Gahan hosted the high school youth of our church for an outdoor movie night. We had 20+ kids who spread out on blankets under the stars, surrounded by the sweet intermittent glow of lightening bugs. Once the movie was over, I stoked up the chiminea and the crew got to making s'mores.

NOTE: If you've ever thought about getting a chiminea, treat yourself. One of the best things about my patio. We use it all year round. Since I love being host to Harleigh and her friends, it's an instant source of relaxation and good chat time for teens. Who doesn't love staring at a crackling fire?

I used pillows and oil lamps from last weekend's shower. Popped a bunch of popcorn, loaded big metal tubs with ice and sodas. Harleigh even re-purposed the sarees and outdoor rugs from the shower to decorate the treehouse.

I've done zero plantings this Spring and Summer because I've been so absorbed with house fiascos, so this event jump-started a little gardening just to make the porches and yard look nice.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Shower Details

A few details from the shower.

If you do any kind of entertaining, cake stands are the perfect staples. They add height to a table, whether they're displaying a cake, a dip or a salad bowl. This one is glass (and has a dome that I rarely use); I've hot-glued all kinds of trim to the rim, from pink rick rack for a baby shower to this Moroccan-like trim I found at the fabric store. When your event is over, simply pull off the trim (which remains in its usable state) and peel off the glue.
I couldn't find gold utensils that looked like I wanted them to, so I bought clear ones, covered the eating part of the utensil, and spray-painted each one individually. They came out looking shiny and pretty, just like I wanted. Then I glued on the jewels.
I made 60+napkins by finding fabric on sale and ripping 10" x 10" squares. No need to hem them. The unfinished edge worked just fine. By folding and ironing them into "pockets," they made sweet little utensil holders.
For this shower, I knew that Courtney would do amazing flower arrangements, and so I wanted vessels that would compliment but not overpower the arrangements. A trip to the local Indian market produced canned goods and these lovely bottles.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shower Pictures

Thank you thank you thank you to Ali Harper for photographing Jenn and Jason's shower this past Saturday. She captured it perfectly. The evening was hot as all get out, which added to the exotic Moroccan feel. A slight summer breeze made the sarees dance in the setting sunlight. The food, lovingly made, was just as pretty to look at as it was tasty to eat. Courtney's floral arrangements were perfect. Candlelight set a romantic tone as the evening grew dark. There was a stellar selection of wine and beer. Laura made the fans for me and they were so beautiful. Courtney painted the Moroccan "tea glasses" (a real hit of the party). And playing cornhole was a blast. (This was Harleigh's first company event as a "young adult" and she didn't want to leave; you'll see pix of her sprinkled throughout — she looked stunning.)

I so enjoyed doing this shower. I felt like I kicked it up a notch in terms of coming up with a theme and all its decor AND creating a mood. Hope you enjoy . . .

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tagalong Ding Dong Cupcakes

Tons of leftover cupcakes from the shower this past Saturday (un-iced and with a tub of icing nearby). A bunch of women hanging out in the kitchen. We came up with a new cupcake that is to die for. We call it the Tagalong Ding Dong. Lots of moaning and eye-rolling as we polished off these beauties.

1) a devil's food cupcake

2) spread a layer of creamy peanut butter on top

3) top that with a dollop of Betty Crocker Whipped Fluffy White icing

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