Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Beginning of Ali's Wedding Planning

Weeks ago Ali and I got together for an all-day brainstorm session about her upcoming wedding. It will be held in the mountains of Dahlonega at a winery called Frogtown. Yesterday I had the honor of being with Ali, her fiance and a small part of his huge family to scope out the venue for the rehearsal dinner followed by a trip to see Frogtown. I almost burst with excitement (not to mention that I'm only a month into this and I've already cried at least four times, tears of joys mind you, but crying nonetheless — can tear ducts be surgically removed??)

I made Ali a chip chart. She chose the color palette for the wedding, and PMS chips for the colors are now in a neat little "book" she can take with her. For the cover I pulled a page from a vintage diary I had on hand (May 8 is Ali's wedding day). Love that whoever's diary it was wrote that on May 8, 1956 she "washed and ironed." Ali is the type of gal who soooo appreciates these little kind of gestures. (And it gives us good reason to cry!)

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