Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jewel Tone Shower

I love every single shower (baby and bridal) that I create. Each one gets my utmost attention to detail and pulls from the depths of my creative soul to capture the bride or mommy and her upcoming joy.  The baby shower this coming Saturday for co-worker Amanda, whose baby girl is due in early November, plays off of her nursery theme. Amanda is not a pastel kinda gal, but instead loves bold colors and graphic details. Here is a hint of some items from her shower (most of which will go home with Amanda to grace the little girl's nursery, each one crafted with eyes on the little angel who will find her room magical and made with love.

NOTE: A family tradition in Amanda's family is that the whole clan takes part in painting the nursery. This little girl's room is in a soothing gray with jewel-tone and gold accents that give it a Moroccan feel.

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