Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fun Finds with Harleigh

Today when Harleigh and I were running errands, we popped into Goodwill. She saw this chair, which I pretty much gave just a passing glance, but she stopped for a closer look and thought it would be perfect in what she calls her evolving Teen Vogue bedroom. Her room is a mix of Victorianesque and all-era vintage, with lots and lots of torn pages from Teen Vogue in various configurations on her walls. Harleigh was so right. This chair was perfect for her room. What a fitting piece to match the chest-of-drawers I just bought last week! I'm afraid the pictures don't quite capture the true color of the fabric (a silver gray with hints of gold in the sunlight) and the wood (a brushed gold). But it's cute as all get out. And I was quite impressed with her "eye" for what works. You go girl!
The following definitely fits in the category of "fun find" but not one that Harleigh necessarily was 100% behind. Only with the wisdom and foresight of a 47-year-old visionary, could one see the potential in this little treasure. Now ya gotta remember that I took that old natural-color bamboo birdcage and turned it into a centerpiece for Georganne's shower. So I'm still sorta ridin' high from that craft project. I saw this little find from about 20 feet away and couldn't figure out what it was. In one ear was the imploring "come on, Mom, let's get outta here and go home," and in the other ear, the voice of the 47-year-old visionary. Age always wins. I had to have it. "What are you ever gonna do with THAT?" (young girl speaks). And then, after she saw the glazed look in my eyes, the way I cocked my head and held THAT at different angles, there was no reasoning with me. I will SO do something magnificent with this, I promise you. It's a vintage wall pocket, rather large, and borderline gaudy with its gold spray-painted accents, but I saw beyond that. I googled "vintage parasol wall pocket" and found one on Etsy. Can you just imagine this as a shower decoration? Please, someone get pregnant, get engaged, ANYTHING so that I can turn this into something spectacular.


kate said...

What are the odds of you finding the EXACT one on etsy? It is the same right? If not you got pretty dang close!

Dawn Gahan said...

Kate, it's the same, except it appears (and I can tell by the stray spraypaint on the curved handle of mine) that the owner of mine added some more gold embellishment. Gotta love Google!


Daisys Little Cottage said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh, love the chair. Good eye Harleigh. The umbrella is the sweetest. If you can get Johnny Depp to seduce me, I'll get prenant for ya"

Elizabeth said...

I want that chair for my room!! Very nice with that chest of drawers.

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