Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day Office Card-Swap Party

Went to the boss last month and asked if I could throw a Valentine's Day party at the office. 
We're coming down off of the Thanksgiving/Christmas high, things are super busy and stressful, 
and we've never done a party for this holiday. 
He said go for it.

So I decided to do an elementary-school style card swap. 
Everyone making or buying a box to collect their cards, lots of fun heart-shaped decor, 
and food, of course food. 

Everybody put their "boxes" out in the morning, 
and throughout the day we all delivered Valentines. 
At 4:30 we brought our boxes to the gathering place 
and opened our cards and enjoyed food and drink.

The food consisted of sausage balls with a Dijon mayo dipping sauce (thanks, Josie!), 
artichoke dip with Tostitos scoops (thanks, Jessie!), 
and I made a hot Creole shrimp dip served with toasted baguette slices. 
Great grazing spread. 

Jessie offered to make a heart garland, the perfect statement piece to anchor the whole scene.
For a drink station, I commandeered the office sink that was ripped out during a recent renovation 
(and will be moved to storage)

The vintage mailbox above was Buzz's card-collecting vessel. 
He wanted something fun, and I had this at home. 
Love when my finds get lots of use!

Get a load of the candy hearts that include modern-day messages (text me).

I dressed the "bar" in a vintage tablecloth, and crafted a small felt, jewel, baker's twine garland that comes out of the faucet like a stream o' love.
The sink holds ice and drinks.

Cupcakes sport Dollar Tree picks (Thanks, Buzz, for styling these like a pro!).

My loot. 
The card in the left foreground is handmade by Buzz. 
He drew the design, then had a stamp made. 
The card itself is cardboard, cut and with rounded corners, one side painted red. 
The dude committed.

In addition to making the artichoke dip I inhaled, Jessie crafted these killer cards. 
Each one was hand drawn with the sentiment "I like you and _____." 
The fill-in was a word that reflected the recipient. In my case it was "crafting." 
Everyone adored these.

Shaun gifted everyone a bag of candy with these enveloped post-it notes attached. Each note was customized with an "I love you because ____." Very special indeed.

My valentine "box" was a vintage mailbox.

The only thing on my party preparedness list that we didn't tackle 
was a love-themed music playlist.
Next year.

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