Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spider Invasion

For this year's mantle and spreading Halloween ghoulishness, 
I opted for the invasion of the plastic, glittery spiders. 


Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Friday!

Harleigh comes home today for the weekend. 
All is good because I get to spend time with my favorite person in the world.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 22

At yesterday's book sale, I found an older edition of Harleigh's favorite devotional book Streams in the Desert. I was happy to start my morning off on such a great note, and am looking forward to asking Harleigh if her daily devotionals from the newer edition mirror mine.

After breakfast and a slow, slow push to start the day, I made a trip to Christ Church, an historical landmark (and an operating church) set amidst huge oak trees dripping with Spanish moss. It was so very quiet, very few people on the grounds. I wasn't there at the times that inside tours are offered, but I was happy to walk the cemetery, sit on a bench, and take in the serenity.

Below right is one of the books I bought yesterday, Robert Browning's Poems, for a mere $2. I shot it on the sand, nature's loveliest backdrop.

For lunch I went back to the outdoor cafe where Julie and I had eaten yesterday. I liked that it wasn't a super busy place, there are tables in the sun, the food is good, and even though it's on the main drag of Pier Village, it's quiet enough that I knew I could read my paper and eat in a calm quiet.

After lunch I headed straight to the beach where I set up camp with a chair, an umbrella, and nary a piece of reading material. The sun was out, the temperatures enough to warm and not to sweat. I watched kites in the sunlight, dogs catching frisbees, kids building sandcastles, and closed my eyes every once in a while to concentrate on and savor the sound of the waves. October 22, a good day.

The Wedding Day

Up early yesterday, breakfast snagged from the free buffet and brought up to my room, showered and dressed and off to downtown St. Simons, otherwise known as Pier Village. I'm not sure what I was expecting (and to be honest, with the weather sunny and in the lower to mid-70s, downtown could have been a Walgreens, a 3-foot pier and a single palm tree and the visit would have been perfect), but the town was absolutely adorable.

Such a variety of shops. The shell shop (and I always look for those when I go to the shore)  called The Beach Bum was the best I've ever been in. It's a small, dark and dusty little shop, but chocked full of shells I've not come across before. I loaded up on items for my shell crosses, smiling like a kid at Christmas as I walked out the door.

And then there is Dutchmans. Can't get enough of the painted furniture and the smell of potpourri and Tangelo candles.

As I made my way down to the pier, I noticed something going on at the covered outdoor atrium of the visitors center. Appeared to be a bunch of tables. A farmers' market? Yard sale? When I got closer . . . table after table covered in boxes of books. The St. Simons Island Literary League book sale. Scored some beauties and will photograph them today to share.

Lunch with co-worker Julie at an outdoor cafe. We didn't want to leave. Sitting in the sun and eating fresh fish, sipping iced tea, chatting . . . so very good.

Wrapped up the day and then was off to Sherry's wedding. I didn't take any pictures as I was cabbing it and not wanting to schlep my equipment around. Suffice it to say a great great time —a heartfelt church wedding followed by a rooftop reception overlooking the ocean (here at Ocean Lodge).  Sherry was the kind of bride you can't take your eyes off of. And husband Mario showered her with such affection and admiration all evening. Soulmates.

Have some sightseeing and beach time carved out for today. Heading home tomorrow. I miss Gideon like crazy. He so has my heart.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Let the vacation begin!

Co-worker Sherry's wedding is tomorrow evening in St. Simons. Took today to make the trip. Usually a 5-hour drive would make me groan with dread, but I took a back-route to make the trip more interesting. Might not have been the smartest choice for a woman traveling alone, but I'm not one to shy away from making an adventure out of one of the few times I get to create Dawn time.

The landscape for most of the trip was Southern rural at its best. When I stopped to fill up at a mom-and-pop gas station (and I was only half a tank low but afraid I'd not see another sign of life before registering E for empty), there was a dog at the pumps, obviously the owner's and an establishment fixture. He didn't seem phased by any of the trucks or people, nor was he interested in being petted or fawned upon. A true front-porch kinda dog. And when I paid for my gas, the woman behind the counter talked to her husband who was standing behind me in a camo jacket and holding a shotgun. Only in southern Georgia.

I stopped at a few thrift stores on the way, the best being Southern Sisters right outside of Brunswick. I saw the owners sitting out front in rocking chairs and made a Smokey and the Bandit turn into the parking lot. Pure heaven. Got tons of shells, vintage ceramic ware, a like-butter leather Fossil messenger bag (for my dear girl Harleigh), and a few other random pieces. And struck up a great conversation with the owners. That's always an added bonus for me.

Got to the hotel, a charming spot, quiet and off the beaten path. Once I checked in, off to the beach, where I took all these pictures. More to come, but for now these images speak volumes about what a vacation means to me . . . white sand, salty air, and the sound of the ocean.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

HUGE giveaway over at Jennifer Rizzo's blog

Stop by this deeee-liteful post and see the magnificent giveaway celebrating the unveiling of the Vintage Tea Collection at Jennifer Rizzo's etsy shop. She's giving away $400 worth of merchandise AND a $100 gift certificate for jewelry. Too pretty to pass up a try at this one!

She's drawing the winner next Monday night, so hurry!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Calm . . .

I wanted to do a calming post today, because that is how I feel. With the wonky week behind me (although I do have a daunting work project to tackle before my head hits the pillow Sunday night), I focus my weekend on nesting, our new senior pastor's installation on Sunday and "A Night on Broadway" at our church this evening. Got my flu shot today and struck up the best conversation with the CVS nurse; one of those times you find yourself walking away with a smile on your face, grateful for kindness in the world. Be kind to someone today; it's an under-rated gift.

So, I'm about halfway finished the four shell crosses I'll be listing on etsy. I've really put a lot of work into these; they're a little more involved than the ones I've done in the past. And inspired by shell encrusted busts I've seen, I'm going to give a stab at doing one myself, using the below ceramic bust.

Did you know yesterday was dubbed Footloose Friday? Harleigh celebrated by hanging out with friends to watch the old Footloose, and then on Sunday they'll go see the new one at a matinee. I think I'll wait 'til it comes out on NetFlix.

{a fabric night light in my ken}

Never thought I'd say this, but I've been inspired by Marc Anthony. Yes the scrawny singer who snagged the staggeringly beautiful J-Lo and now has a line of menswear at Kohl's. His commercial on TV draws me in every time, just to hear him say near its end "Your passion chooses YOU." Love that.

{flowers in my ken}

And in the spirit of keepin' it real, my aging face has developed that soft pocket of fat under the chin, known as "the waddle." It's not need-plastic-surgery bad (at least not by my standards), but I do notice it in pictures and wince when I see it. Yesterday I noticed a pimple (I'm 51, what the heck?) . . . on my waddle. What's worse than a pimple? A pimple on your waddle.

Have a great weekend to all my blog followers. And thanks for hanging around, especially through my less-than-I'd-like postings. The holidays are coming and you know what a Christmas freak I am! (The Christmas music comes out November 1. Enough said). I'll be knee deep in Christmas-related crafts to share.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Before and Afters

I'll get on with the craft before and afters in a bit. But for now, let me just say that a gab session with God can do wonders for the soul and a girl's outlook on life.  It will, no doubt, create a before-and-after much more monumental and life-changing than any room redo or wardrobe fix. I entered the weekend defeated and crippled with guilt and confusion. By this evening, well, let's just say that I listened for a change. I handed it over, and He took charge. I don't do that nearly as much as I should. This stubborn old mule knows when she's beaten down enough to surrender. She knows when her behavior has taken her hostage. And she admits that happiness is to be found in things worth fighting for, but doing so with humbleness and grace.  That, my friends, is the big before-and-after.

On the homefront, I enjoyed a weekend like I've not experienced in quite a while. Chateau Gahan held me within its warm embrace for the good part of two whole days. And excursions out were for the single purpose of nourishing my body and soul. What more could I ask for?

Harleigh has a lighted paper lantern in her apartment bedroom and I'd wanted to do something to spruce it up. I saw this idea on the Dos Family blog that used a large round balloon and crocheted paper doilies. Seemed to me that I could hijack that idea for the paper lantern. I think the end result is pretty — not as lovely as my inspiration — and will make Harleigh's French Provincial Bohemian Chic room sing with vintage sweetness. Here are images of it hanging in her room at Chateau Gahan. It will soon grace her Statesboro crib. I used doilies from my Nana's wellspring of handmade doilies. They can live in a closet or be cut up and used to enjoy. I think she is looking down and smiling.

And I began, in earnest, my work on several shell crosses for my Etsy shop. I've got four going at one time, each one with a special touch. Just putting my hands to shells at my craft table makes me feel as if I'm on a white sand beach, the sun on my back, not a worry in the world.

And here is a before picture, the after to come soon. Harleigh's desk chair is in major need of a redo. And so I'm hatching something wonderful. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Giveaway at Cynthia's Cottage Design

I love visiting Cynthia's Cottage Design, pouring over her miniature creations. Sights to behold, each and every one! She's giving away one of her pieces, a kitchen baker's rack complete with treats and treasures. Stop on by to enter! And wish her congrats on being published and an early happy birthday!

Two pretty images

This past weekend while mall shopping with the girlie for winter clothes, 
I saw this ice cream cake and had to take a picture. 
I've seen similar cakes before but perhaps this one caught my eye 
because the colors are so my palette. 

And here is a snapshot of a hodpepodge of items on my craft table. 
I used Photoshop to make it look like a painting.

I plan on getting back on the craft wagon and posting some handiwork. 
And of course Trunk or Treat is just around the corner!

And FYI, the colonoscopy went fine. Considering I was in twilight sleep for the icky part, it was rather a spa-like experience. Everything from the darkened room where the procedure took place, the hushed voices of the nurses and doctor, and the relaxing meds they had me on, I'd like to think that I woke up after a soothing body massage rather than an invasive exploration of an orifice.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Prep

One of the "joys" of turning 50 is having to get a colonoscopy. Happens tomorrow for dear old Dawn E. Girl. And so today I left work early to start my regimen of pills and water to clean me out. It's 7:59 as I write this, about time for round 2 of pills, and so far it's not been nearly as dramatic as I'd thought it'd be. TMI, I'm sure, but keepin' it real, keepin' it real.

Last night, though, I enjoyed an evening outside, chilly temps, Gideon at my feet, and a chiminea stoked and warming. Sat outside from 6:00 until well after dark. The fireside is one of my weaknesses.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

corduroy and sandals

Harleigh is home this weekend! We spent a filled-to-the-brim day in Athens on Friday. The day started off chilly and by afternoon was humid enough to stir a sweat. A corduroy and sandal kind of day. She has been  considering (and after Friday has pretty much cemented her decision) a transfer to UGA for junior year.

Honestly, when we arrived in Athens, we felt like Dorothy landing in Munchkinland and then Oz. From the little town of Statesboro to this bustling and huge campus, complete with a stadium that seemed too surreal to digest. We got there early (as all Gahan Girls do . . . always, always arrive well before expected). Walked around campus, shopped in the bookstore, then had our appointment with an advisor. He had a student meet with us — most helpful. We ended early and had hoped to meet with the girlfriend of one of my coworker's (she's a student there), but the timing had gotten a bit off, and we were anxious to get to the admissions office and get the rest of our questions answered.

With the school-related items checked off our list, we grabbed a quick lunch patio-side on Broad Street and hit the vintage clothing stores. The two of us can never get enough of others' castaways.

Harleigh scored some jeans and a cute hippy-chick top. We then parked ourselves in a sunny spot, grabbing an iced tea and talking, talking talking, laughing, laughing, laughing (something we've quite perfected). In the early evening I dropped her off downtown to meet up with some friends over tapas, grabbed my own self some dinner (something my blog readers know is one of my favorite things to do — eat dinner out by myself), then I picked her up and we headed back to the hamlet of Norcross. An hour-and-20-minutes home. Quite a difference from the 3+ hours it takes to get to or from Georgia Southern.

We're feeling very good about this. A bit like Dorothy. But a Gahan Girl caught in a cyclone can land on steady ground, a smile on her face, and stand bolstered with a wisdom beyond compare.

Some random pix from the weekend:

With her trustworthy 4G iphone  (and my ancient 3G) — where WOULD we be without these???? —along with her vintage Coach messenger bag (glued to her side constantly), 
we made an adventure out of a trip to Athens.

And boy was it good to have my girl home, sleeping in a rumpled bed of Holly Hobbie sheets, mismatched blankets and a fiercely loyal herd of stuffed animals.

Her room will always welcome her with open arms.

Chateau Gahan never disappoints in the arena of  little niceties that make it a home, whether it be shells nested in the fruit bowl, plants in spice tins or dear boy Gideon doing what he does best . . . looking cute and hangin' out.

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