Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tole Watering Can

Got the inspiration from a post at Songbirdtiff who had inherited some of her mother-in-laws platters, including a tole one. I have a number of tole pieces around the house and I'd like to start using them more, or at the very least start highlighting them beyond their utilitarian purposes. I've posted about my four tole pins that I adore. Well, here is the beginning of sharing with you some delightful pieces I own.

This watering can probably isn't considered tole because I think that the pattern on it might just be a decal, but this ain't no Antiques Roadshow, so let's call it tole and leave it at that. It usually has a place of honor on the shelves in the study, and I put it to use at the baby shower for Georganne as a utensil holder. But using it for a vase works too. I put a glass inside for the water. This bouquet is all from the yard . . . shasta daisies, hydrangea and even a cut vine of clematis. It sets on my mantle. Jane at Posy furthered the inspiration with her post about doilies, so I got into my stash of doilies inherited from my grandmother and found this one to be perfect.

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Songbirdtiff said...

Hey there! Thanks for the mention. I love the watering can vase. The color is so pretty. It looks very fresh and clean. :)

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