Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fashion Show at the Manor

My grandmother, MamMom, lives in a very quaint, small town assisted living home. The gal in charge of social activities is a hoot and has the residents busy all the time. The community is also very involved in the care of these cherished elders — coming in to help with bingo games, performing, and even bringing in dogs for the elderly to love up on. It's always heartwarming to visit and see how treasured these people are by the staff and volunteers.

This day's long-awaited big event was their Second Annual Fashion Show. When we arrived, the "models" were all dressed in their finest or funnest outfit. A volunteer had a nail station set up and was making sure all the women had their fingernails freshly painted. Another volunteer had done all the makeup. Cameras were flashing everywhere (the community newspaper had a photographer/reporter there to do a story and the way everyone acted, you'd have thought Oprah was covering the event; it meant so much to them to be recognized) and compliments were showered on the models.

I went ahead down to the cafeteria to get a seat (by start of the show they could fit no more people into the cafeteria; it was standing room only). Mother and daughter flutists played before the show began, which I thought was a nice touch. Harleigh stayed behind to escort in MamMom. Each model was escorted in by a volunteer (boys from a local church, respectively dressed-up for the occasion) or by a family member.

The head administrator gave the opening remarks, a youth pastor from a local church gave the invocation, and an elder care pastor served as the mistress of ceremonies.

Here is MamMom's room, which she's made very homey.
The program.
MamMom looked so pretty; even her walker got a pretty green bow to match her outfit.
Entering the room.
MamMom chatting with the emcee. (She IS one of us so there's no shutting her up, especially if there's an audience!)
And then there's the crowd to talk to!
This lady wore a super cool silver cowboy hat. She didn't smile much, but I'm sure on the inside she was Tyra Banks workin' it!
The show didn't have a shortage of male models. This handsome dude even had props!

We left feeling really good on the inside, and MamMom enjoyed a day of feeling beautiful, important, and special. Not that it takes a fashion show to remind her that she is all these things. I know how much today tired her out, and I'm sure she'll be asleep for the night before the sun even sets. But, a model does need her beauty sleep.


kate said...

Oh my goodness! That is too precious! I am glad to see they have good events for the tenets!

Daisys Little Cottage said...

How wonderful. Simply wonderful. I certainly hope my golden years are as lovely. The folks that run this facility are to be commended.

Sarah said...

How stinking cute!
Vintage Lily

Sarah Mae said...

That is really cool - what a wonderful thing to do! What a blessing to those women.

Anita said...

I think that is absolutely awesome!! It's so sweet to see the love shown by the community towards these sweet older people - it's what keeps them going...I think it's so sad how many you see in the homes that don't have anyone to come see them.

Elizabeth said...

That is so cute they had that fashion show! I worked in a place very similar as a high school senior, and things like that meant the world to them and made their day. Thanks for sharing.

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