Saturday, April 12, 2008

DAY 7 — The Shower!

Today was the shower for Georganne who will be welcoming twin girls! Julie was sweet enough to host the shower at her home, and the setting couldn't have been lovelier . . . an urban townhome in a quaint city community where she can borrow sugar from neighbor Vern Yip.

The main food table pictured below (before we added all the food). I took a bamboo bird cage and painted it pink. Inside the cage I lined the bottom with reindeer moss and river rocks. I tucked one of the dogwood limbs inside, pulling out several small branches and blooms. Then I added a nest with two pink eggs (twin girls!), which are actually gum eggs I purchased at Easter. And then I topped off the cage with more fresh flowers. The pink cowboy boots (2 pair purchased) on the credenza have water-filled votive candle holders inside and are perfect vases, overflowing with fresh flowers. A great decoration that Georganne can take home, that her little girls will one day wear ('cause what little girl doesn't love cowboy boots?!?!) Lots of cake stands grace the table; I like adding varying heights to a buffet without it looking too all-you-can-eat hotel buffet. On one cake stand I hot glued a pink-trimmed white ruffle for a girly girl look. And the table runner is white eyelet.
A momma duck and her two baby girls decorate the bathroom sink.
On the drink island I created a bouquet of dogwood and Japanese Cherry.
I alluded to these decoupaged plates in an earlier post. I created them using children's books (Snow White, Peter Rabbit, Mother Goose, Pokey Little Puppy, Goldilocks) and clear plastic plates. They're really easy to make and while we did trash them after eating (they're not made to be washable), they were enjoyed by all. And Georganne took home the plates we didn't use. It's the kind of project you can do while watching television. Easy peasy.
For the utensils, I glued dollar-store baby shower decorations onto plasticware. (With Julie being nice enough to host the shower, we really didn't want to use a bunch of real plates, glassware and such and have to deal with cleanup, so the next best thing is to go with the plastic but pimp it out.) The forks are in a vintage watering can with a pink butterfly alighting on the spout. (I put a circle of white felt on the inside bottom of the can to keep the utensils free of the can's rust spots.)
Found these giant safety pins in the clearance Halloween section of a party story (for a grownup dressing as a baby . . . yuk). These were perfect to set around (I kept the origin of these to myself, not wanting the guests to conjure up images of grown men wearing diapers and bonnets).
Jenn made these charmingly sweet glass charms. And Georganne left with every one of them, to make a bracelet or necklace using all the baubles and beads. Such a utilitarian party item turned into such a memorable keepsake!
And the gift that got a rousing round of applause and chants of "Laura . . . Laura . . . Laura," these knitted baby booties made by knitter extraordinaire (and teacher of moi, I might add) Miss Laura. I was only able to capture one of the booties for this photo opp. But isn't it darling?


Freckled Hen said...

What a beautiful baby shower! I am in awe of your creativity! You should write a book and fill it with those darling ideas. I would buy it!

ali said...

Wow, you thought of everything, and everything was done so sweetly. I adore the birdcage (I think I may have to get one now, I'm just so inspired) and the plates were just darling. I would have been hand cleaning them if it were me - they were just too beautiful to throw away!!!

Anonymous said...

breathtaking!!!!! you are amazing!!! -courtney

jennifer said...

I just found you via soulemama. Love the shower pics. Beautiful!

Alison Boon said...

What a fantastic baby shower. It looks like a lot of fun

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