Thursday, June 5, 2008

Do I sound like a commercial?

OK, so I did gush a little about the clay masque and cucumber eye pads a few posts ago. I certainly don't want my blog to become a cold, lackluster soapbox for consumer goods. I'd much rather post cute pix and anecdotes of my dog, features on my latest craft project, sweet finds at yard sales, and home decor at Chateau Gahan.

But in this case, I really must share. If you've never used these, then they're worth a try. I used them on plastic patio furniture that I had contemplated trashing, and you wouldn't have believed the difference. With one swipe, the stained surfaces looked new again. Sorta like the commercial where the guy dips the tarnished silver in the cleanser and it comes out spotless and shiny. There have been some issues raised with these as they pertain to children, so you have to exercise caution due to the chemicals in the sponge. And I've had to test small areas of things I'm wanting to clean to make sure that I don't remove more than just dirt. But do try if you've never been exposed to these little gems.


kate said...

Oh man those things are amazing. I saved myself hundreds of dollars in a new paint job for the car. I had lots of door ding thingys (ya know those black scratches) and this eraser took those off as well as the green paint from my husbands car that transfered when I accidentally scraped down the side of his car.

Its cool though, I did a whole post on bathroom cleaners.

Happygoth said...

They work great on smudges on your walls in your house (we went through a whole package when we moved out of our last apartment).

Elizabeth said...

They truly are magic! My other favorite household cleaner of all time is Lysol Kitchen Cleaner. It has an amazing scent. It is for counter tops,BUT I use it to clean the kitchen floor, instead of a mop and tub of water filled with cleaner. The floor never feels like it has a build up and it really deep cleans. If your kitchen isn't that big, give it a try!

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