Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Feast 2010

I will share still pix once they've been downloaded, but here is a peek into our Feast this year (thank you thank you, David Naugle, for always capturing my events with such heart). For many many years I've wanted to do a simple theme of "thankfuls," things we love about Unboundary. But until this year, I really hadn't come up with a way to showcase the thankfuls. And so here she is, The Feast 2010, where close to 200 thankfuls were submitted by everyone here and hung from the light strips.

Once I collected everyone's thankfuls, I had them typeset, printed out two sets of each, glued them back to back, leaving a white border which I cut with decorative scissors, giving them the look of old photographs. Hole punched each using a 1/8" hole punch so the holes would be subtle. I hung them (or rather a group of us did on a Friday night, laughing and chatting, drinking wine, and listening to Christmas music) from the light strips using an organic yarn. The tables were set with our usual painter dropcloth tablecloths, a simple paper runner, a ton of tealights in glass holders, natural paper plates, paper napkins tied with the same hanging yarn, into which I nestled the dang cutest bamboo utensils I found at Party City. You'll see close-ups of those when I post the still pix. The theme proved to be just what I intended it to be, focused on the thankfuls yet visually dramatic.

Everyone loved reading all the thankfuls, our president was most appreciative of all that we embrace here at Unboundary, and The Feast was, as always, an abundance of all our homemade foods, lots of wine, and being family.

Enjoy the video and make sure your sound is up because the music makes it all that much more warm and fuzzy. (If you can't see the video below, here is the link to it (just copy and paste it into your browser URL bar):

We are blessed.

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That part with Blake is hysterical!

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