Monday, November 18, 2013

Feast and Wedding Prep

My co-worker and partner in creative crime, Jessie, and I were in the office this past 
Saturday for a day of crafting, constructing and engineering, all for the annual Feast, 
Unboundary's Thanksgiving meal.

Here is what our space looks like BEFORE.
A rather nondescript conference room with a big executive meeting table, 
Herman Miller Aeron chairs, a large wall of paned windows, 
two smaller walls, and another large wall
with a ledge and pushpin panels.
Not the most inspiring space. 

We're creating some vignettes using forest-ee objects; 
a good way to put to use some nests I've found recently in my yard.

There are logs bound in jute (and resulting in something pretty darn cute), 
jars that will be hanging, 
ferns to be potted, 
and branches with gold-tipped pinecones. 

Here are some IG pix that showcase just a bit of what my weekend held.

For the wedding reception that I was hired to help design, I made a trip to Pike Nursery (twist my arm to visit a nursery, will ya?) and bought these rosemary bushes. A swig of rosemary will get tucked into each napkin at the placesettings. (Note the two windows and the pickle jars. The salvage yard near my office is one of those places I pop into once a month to see what's new. I get these old windows for $5 a piece; he gave me both for $5 since one has no glass in it. A craft project waiting to happen. I have a caterer connection who is giving me all the giant pickle jars that they'd wind up recycling. I have 8 added to my stash; perfect for terrariums.)

A friend gave me a ginormous box of wooden produce baskets with removable wire handles. Must be about 50+ in the box. I've had it for years, never knowing when I might need them for a project. Well, this weekend's wedding reception is a rustic theme, and they're using their initials throughout, so I offered up these baskets for the hotel guest bags. I've always wanted to try wood burning, so I bought myself a cheap wood burning kit and used it for this little ol' project.  They came out super sweet.

The hutch is decorated for Christmas with some cheesy tinsel candy canes from the dollar store. They came with holly leaves in the center, and I added a silver poinsettia to each. The chair in the upper right is a new addition to the ken. I have one chair in there already, but when Harleigh comes home and we settle down to drink our coffee and catch up, one chair wasn't cutting it. I got this one on consignment, and what's great about it is that it's super low to the ground. It's a pretty olive green which matches the other chair in the room. Harleigh comes home this Thursday evening for a weekend retreat . . . we're gonna give the new ken a coffee-klatch test drive!

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Elizabeth said...

I can't wait to see the Thanksgiving feast table!! :) Back when my youngest turned two I did a forest/woodland birthday party. Then I did it on a very limited budget, but I can see how you can really do some cute things with that theme and would love to do another party like that. Perhaps with a grandchild ;)

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