Monday, May 24, 2010

The Graduation Announcement and Open House Invitation

I wound up not purchasing the school-branded graduation announcements that most kids send out. There was something cold about sending a generic announcement with a picture stuck inside. Not to mention that I wanted the announcement to tie in with an invitation to our open house on the afternoon of graduation day. So I had Harleigh craft a sentiment and then we made cards using scrapbook paper. We included a graduation photo.
The open house was a huge success in that most of the invitees were able to come, and that Harleigh was as gracious a host as I could have hoped for. She enjoyed herself, was able to greet and hug everyone, and made me so proud to call her my daughter.

More pix to come!


Elizabeth said...

Aww those invites were so nice and thoughtful. I know what you mean about the generic school ones. Love her picture too.
Kinda hard to let go of those last high school days huh?. My oldest just graduated college a couple weeks ago, and I was so emotional at the graduation, because I kept remembering my own college graduation, and how I was pregnant with her. Seemed like a full circle :)

Christine said...

I didn't think you'd send out the "school brand" graduation annoucements. That isn't like you!

Sounds like there were lots of hugs at the open house.
Congratulations to both of you.

SarahD said...

Did you get my sorry email about not being able to come? I'm glad it was a wonderful time for you both. The invite was beautiful. Miss you both!

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