Saturday, April 19, 2008

One of the best Saturdays in a long time

This morning started rainy, but when the sun came out at around 10:00, the early morning moisture did wonders for the colors in the sunshine. The grass looked greener, flowers more vibrant, the sky bluer.

Took Gideon to the groomer this morning for his summer shave. Harleigh goes into quite a funk when we do this because she feels like she's lost her Gideon. I will admit that he looks totally different, more fragile, less cuddly, and somewhat gangly and teenagery. Nonetheless, it really makes him more comfortable for the hot months ahead.

Harleigh had a job interview this morning for a summer camp "servant" (what they deem the high school help) at a local mega-church. She was a camper there for 9 years, then served her first year last year as an employee. We so want her to get back on staff this summer. She loves it. Every weekday outside, with kids, in a Christian atmosphere. And during college summers she will want to serve as a counselor. We'll hear in two weeks.

We got her some more uniform wear for school: a short sleeve white blouse and a kilt. What with the warmer weather hitting, she needs some cooler duds. The saleslady who worked with us was one of those people who when we checked out I said, "you were so helpful and good at what you do. Thank you." She made me happy.

Then off to our town's park for a festival. The day couldn't have been more perfect. We arrived, spread out a quilt, and laid back to enjoy the town high school jazz band. Then the three sons of friends of ours, who are in a band, played (the main reason we went) and it was great to be there to support them. It was one of those days when I like living in a small town. In the one picture with the funnel cake stand, you can see the train chugging through.

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