Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Family at Home

Jane at Posy has a wondrous library of decorating, craft and fiction books. Many of the titles grace my own study shelves, but a handful of titles that she owns are ones I want to add to my collection. One book that she featured in a blog entry, Home by Anita Kaushal, is unavailable in the States, but the version I purchased on US Amazon is, I believe, the same book but published here in New York. The cover is different, but the spread that Jane featured (pages 138 and 139) matches exactly what is in my book. I mirror exactly what Jane said about it, everything from the love of its non-glossy pages to its subject of creating a home for family. I love a decorating/style book that captures me with both its pictures and WORDS. I read every single page of it last night. Here is picture of my favorite spread in the book; this kitchen is one I would love, and I'm only seeing a table and window. But I just know that the rest of it must be just as enchanting.

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Posy said...

Oh Dawn I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. The kitchen belongs to the lady who owns Magpie and the Wardrobe. In fact I found more photos of her house recently - and I'll try and blog about them. her house is one I would definately love to see.
J xx

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