Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm a knitter!

Since starting my blog, I've come to know so many women who knit, and do so with such passion. I'm lucky to work with a gal, Laura (visit her blog for all her knitting — and other — ventures!), who said she would teach me. So armed with a pair of found needles from home (Harleigh's attempt from years ago) and a ball of pink yarn, we sat down at lunchtime yesterday and she got me going! We started with Continental-style which proved to be a bit awkward for me, although Laura's preference for speediness. I felt like a half wit; since when can't I figure out how to coordinate two hands, two sticks and a line of yarn?

When I sat down last night, Harleigh showed me English-style which simplified things. But I still want to master Continental; it just feels like a more masterful way to knit. What I've accomplished so far is mediocre at best, but instead of tearing it all out, I'm keeping all my stitches so that I can see my improvement. It was really relaxing despite my novice struggles. You can see in the picture above what my first day of knitting netted. Thank you thank you thank you, Laura!


Happygoth said...

Certainly! It's very exciting!

julie said...

It's a pig's butt! You inspire me.

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