Wednesday, April 9, 2008

DAY 4 — Melancholy

Category 7: Me
Mammogram today. It's 2008 and I can't believe medical science has not come up with a better way to xray a boob. Don't get me wrong, mammograms are a life saver. I've been having them since I was in my early thirties. Having had two benign masses removed, one from each breast, I'm religious about having this preventive procedure done on a yearly basis.

So, today was truly about me . . . and my girls.

Category 1: Craft
Worked most of the day on Georganne's shower. Wish I could show you everything . . . but it will have to wait lest I spoil it for her.

Category 2: Home and Garden
Planted more perennials. This monkey grass is killin' me. Trying to dig it up is like wrestling with the devil. Also planted lots of bulbs, a first for me. If they do come up, I'll have lots of cuttings.

Category 3: Gideon
Can I just say that he has been the highlight of this week for me. Harleigh, like any child, grew up wanting a puppy. And me, like any parent, knows the reality of taking on a pet. At the design firm where I work, pets come to the office. This made my decision somewhat easier, knowing that I wouldn't have to leave a dog home all day. But wouldn't ya know that we get ourselves a dog who gets carsick. I brought him into work with me for the first 8 months, but it was brutal on him. I drive quite a distance to and from work, and he was miserable. So now he stays home, which given the option of being nauseous or lounging around Chateau Gahan all day, he's much happier.

He came on board to be "Harleigh's" dog. We all know that means nothing. He became my responsibility . . . and my bestest buddy.

I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed being with him all week.
And the melancholy part . . . I'm missing Harleigh really badly. I'm ready for her to come home! College is gonna kill me.


Freckled Hen said...

Your dog is beautiful! I can relate to your oldest leaves for college next year and my heart already hurts. You've got the right idea planting and such...busy hands keeps your mind occupied.

julie said...

Funny how the first couple of days to yourself are really nice, then it gets old really quick. Madison came home today. I hadn't seen her in almost two weeks since I was out last week. I forgot how tall she is! I was really glad to see her. I decided not to go to the office tomorrow! See you Saturday

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