Sunday, April 6, 2008

OFFICIAL DAY 1 of Nesting

Got Harleigh all packed and off to Florida this morning with her family-for-the-week. Came into the bathroom and found this note scrawled on the mirror in lipstick. I think I'll keep it up all week 'cause it makes me happy.

Category 2: Home and Garden
I have three slipcovered pieces in my living room that I've owned for over 10 years. The slipcovers are a godsend, especially now with a Sheepie, whose throne is the ottoman, lounge is the sofa and snuggle-spot the chair. The sofa is in decent shape, but the chair and ottoman are on their last leg. You can see in the picture that the floral pattern is hardly visible any more, and the doily on the arm is masking a huge hole, worn through from years of a little girl leaning and watching TV.

I made the dreaded drive into Buckhead today (oops, forgot it was the Dogwood Festival . . . more traffic than there should have been on a lazy Sunday afternoon) and got my fabric samples to bring home. Any opinions? (I got the bright white linen just to pretend I could actually get away with those white, beachy interiors I adore.)

Categories 3 and 7 (combined): Gideon and Me
Took a 2 1/2 hour hike with Gideon. Yes, me. With a fenced-in backyard, most of our exercise time is me throwing a ball to Little Man. I've been meaning to take more walks with him; not sure why I haven't other than I'm sorta not into physical exertion unless it's stuff around the house. Any-who, off we went, down to the Chattahoochee, through the woods, got stuck walking across a stream and laughed a lot (at least I imagined him laughing). Both of us had our tongues hanging out of our mouths on the walk home, exhausted and happy. Next walk I'll take my camera.

Category 5: ShoppingHelping to give a shower for Georganne at work who is having twin girls. It is this coming Saturday and I plan on doing a lot of crafting this week in preparation. Stopped at Goodwill to pick up some children's books for one of the projects (can't say what it is just yet). While I was there I found this metal woven basket and tole cachepot. I actually had on this week's list to find a basket to use as a planter on my fence gate. Was thinking of wicker, but this will work just fine. I'll paint it and line it with coco moss. Picture to come of the finished project.

Category 1: Craft
I've been working for the past 5 hours cleaning my craft areas. I had 2 dressers filled with craft paraphernalia, and my work table in the study was overflowing and not very work-friendly. I downsized all my stuff to one dresser and organized a portion of the shelves in my study strictly for craft items. I'd take a picture, but it's dark outside and I'm pooped.

Category 6: Harleigh
Is it wrong that I sent my little one off and totally made today about me? I'll do something sweet tomorrow. Promise.


bdprimitive said...

I like the red sample with the pattern (I think it's leaves) and the middle beige one. Both will look even better with wear and age, but the real question is which one would look the best in the future beach house!

Molly Allen said...

I love a big green chair! The brighter (not too bright, tho) green sample set aside in the first pic was my favorite!

P.S. I love what you did with your front porch. The benches and ferns look great! Is it weird that I know what you're doing everyday and you're not sitting a few yards away?

julie said...

OK, so A) Of course he waited to ask if you needed help until he saw you were almost done. As if any self-respecting woman would actually say yes at that point.

B) From one hell-bent determined chick to another, they make these things called SLIDERS that work great for moving heavy furniture. But then it wouldn't have been a good story! :-) And it WAS a good one!!

I like the blue, but I think the red might be more you. But I might have to see it in context. Got a paint chip?

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