Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Perks of the Office

One of the perks of working in a design firm (aside from the fact that I'm surrounded by creative folks), is that our space is so conducive to working on projects. I have been working diligently as costume-designer and -maker for our church's upcoming drama presentation. Lots of cloaks and tunics, and more than enough Roman soldiers (not an easy costume by any means). But I'll pull it together; I always do. I made a big dent last night using Harleigh's dress form (such a great buy!), but desperately needed a big space to cut fabric, preferably one where I could lay the fabric out flat AND not have to be on my hands and knees. OK, the floor was out; too tough at my age to get up. Unless I planned on cutting fabric and sleeping through the night in the same spot.

So I brought the fabric in and spent my lunch break working in an unused area of the office, and wishing that I had all this natural light and a big table on wheels of my very own. Another reason I'm glad to be working where I work.


Empty Nest Full Life said...

You are a busy lady these days, with way more talent than me in the sewing department. I can't even imagine how difficult Roman Soldier costumes must be. Gideon is not the only one loving these fall days. Have a wonderful week. Jackie

tim bentley said...

nice burton sticker!

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