Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Bond Like No Other

A few weeks ago Harleigh asked if we could do weekly mother/daughter devotionals. When a 16-year-old asks you a question like that, answering with "let me get back to you after I look at my schedule" is not an option. So I got online and started searching for a book to guide us. Found this one, and last night was our first devotional. I read two chapters out loud, as we laid in her bed, both spooning pillows and comfy in our jammies. After each chapter we talked about the topic, pulling in scripture (she more so than I; she's light years ahead of me on Biblical knowledge), and we spent a good deal of time reminiscing and laughing, with me crying a few times (what's new).

We spent about 45 minutes in our devo time, and I can't believe how much we touched on. Everything from her father to what her favorite mother/daughter memory was from her early years (and it was one I don't even remember!?!?!) to what she wants in her future. We touched on me not dating (= no husband for me, no stepfather for her) and how that has affected her. Not all of the conversation was warm fuzzies. Some of it was sad, some contemplative, there were apologies on both ends, and a portion of our gab was raw with honesty.

Our mother/daughter relationship is far from perfect, for the simple reason that neither one of us is perfect. But what our relationship is is open, respectful, and grounded in a love of God. No matter what comes our way cloaked in difficulty, I know that we have a strong foundation and can tackle anything. And the bottom line is that mother/daughter love aside, I really like Harleigh a lot.


ali said...

I pray, so very often, that I get the privilege to be a Mom someday. But most importantly, I pray that I can have a relationship with my child like you have with your daughter.

Your bond is incredibly inspiring... you should know that you're an amazing Mom who has raised an amazing woman.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

That is wonderful. My daughter have been through some tough times, but God has done a work and still is with both of us. What I love most is that we both above all love God, and want our relationship to be very open, honest,and just transparent with one another. The kind of relationship you and Harleigh have is a treasure. Jackie

julie said...

I'm crying.

Daisys Little Cottage said...

What a blessing to have that time together. What a fantastic mom you are (with or without a hubby). These are things she will never ever forget and far more valuable than anything that can be purchased. No matter what my happen in the future of your relationship she will always love & respect you for this.
KUDOS for being a loving responsible nurturing parent!

JGH said...

Thanks for recommending this book, Dawn. I often wonder how my relationship with my daughter will change when she reaches her teen years. It's good to be reminded to seize the day and savor our time together. It sounds like your relationship with Harleigh is deep and thriving.

The Garcias said...

My mom and I have a similar relationship to you and Harleigh. I have always thought that when it came to mothers, I was blessed above all other girls I know. Its such a gift to be able to grow in the Lord together and to have such sweet times of conversation. This post makes me miss her greatly (we live hours apart now). Treasure this time together! (I know you are:)

Sarah said...

Vintage Lily

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