Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bring out the sweaters!

It's officially Fall here in the South and it feels sooooooo good. Yes, we're already complaining about the cold, but we really do love it. The leaves are falling, pumpkins are out, the smell of bonfires permeates the evening air . . . and we're pulling out our sweaters from summer storage! Got me to thinking about some glass cozies I have in one of my kitchen cupboards.

Every morning when Harleigh and I get up, I go out to the kitchen and bring us each back a big cold glass of water or orange juice. While the cozies help to absorb the sweat from the chilled glass, they also remind me of winter sweaters and feeling cozy. So now I use these for our morning drinks. It's nice to wake up to a chilly house, get the heat cranked, and sip our morning drink from a glass all snuggled in a sweater!


Lorrie said...

My mother-in-law crochets these--so cute! We're enjoying Fall weather here in NC too!

Gretchen said...

I love your little glass cozies. Those are really cute.


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