Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jerusalem's Most Wanted

Tonite was our church's production of Jerusalem's Most Wanted. I was in charge of costumes and it was a blast to do. The timing of the production around Halloween time certainly was to my benefit. I went out the day after Halloween and got the Roman soldier helmets and the angel wings at 50% off. I fashioned the soldier capes out of curtains from Goodwill, had the soldiers wear shorts to which I safety-pinned skirts I made (front section only, since the capes hid their backs) out of gray fabric adorned with the tabs from the red curtains. Simple white t-shirts and sandals completed the look. Weapons and shields were an easy score at the Dollar Store (and great for hiding the cheat-sheet scripts!).

The chains and shackles were a challenge in that Peter had to be able to get out of them effortlessly when the angel appeared. I cut the wrist shackles so that all he had to do was give them a little tug. And I made the ankle shackles out of brown cardboard tubing covered with duct tape and fastened with velcro.

We had commercials between each scene (Pontius Pilate flight school, Weapons-R-Us, etc.) and so I made the TV screen, complete with antennae, for showcasing them. The narrator needed a scroll, easily made out of paper, two dowel rods, and festooned with a beaded chain.

The whole thing turned out so great. It was preceded by church service, and then a potluck dinner. A great family night.

Now I'm on to designing the children's banners for Advent. When you love Jesus, there are ways to serve that prove to be way too much fun. I am so blessed. (P.S. Here are beautiful flowers from the cast.)


Sidney (Sixy Mama) said...

You continue to amaze talented you are, and blessed, as well as being a blessing!

Gretchen said...

I don't know how your get it all done. You must have a lot more energy than I do but what a nice thing to participate in.


shawn said...

" When you love Jesus, there are ways to serve that prove to be way too much fun. I am so blessed."
So so true!! I am in leadership at MOPS (Mothers of Preschool) - and even though it is a serving position, I am the one continually blessed!
Now, I have just spent half an hour reading about your charming life! :)

Fred Passmore said...


Fred Passmore, the author of the script, here! I enjoyed seeing the photos of your performance of the script, and have posted them on my own blog with a link back to your own. Hope you enjoy it!

Fred Passmore said...

I neglected to give the blog page:

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