Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Whites and Colors

For years I found laundry the most daunting task of my week. I'd save it all to do until Sunday afternoon,beginning with spending a good half hour sorting my huge pile of dirty clothes, then Harleigh's. Then Harleigh had this idea for each of us to get two baskets for our rooms, one for whites and the other for colors. It has been a godsend. Something so simple made my life so much easier. Now even during the week I can grab a basket and do a quick load. These baskets we found at Cost Plus World Market. They have hinged lids so all the laundry is hidden, and the cloth liners inside keep anything from snagging on the basket weave AND they can come out for washing. Thanks, Harleigh!


Elizabeth said...

Great idea, as I look at my never ending pile! How can three people generate that much laundry!!

Your comment on Caitlin distracting other drivers made me laugh, only because she does get stared at a lot,buy guys and oddly enough, children seemed obsessed by her looks. We have seen little kid run into things staring at her. Very funny!
Your daughter is a beauty also, so I'm sure you see some of this :) Hard to watch though when creepy guys are staring huh?!

Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Great idea - if only the clothes here made it INSIDE the hamper... We can all have our dreams, right? xo-Mel

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