Saturday, July 12, 2008

Craft Table

I was going to include this vintage mug holder in my Goodwill drop-off stash, but decided that it would be perfect on my craft table as a place to hang scissors and clamps. Wrapped around the can I use to hold pens, exacto knives and such is a rubber band . . . an ideal place to tuck an eraser and tweezers. The tole cachepot holds glues and rulers. And everything sets on a piece of linen embroidered with birds. My Nana had done it and never finished the edges. It still has masking tape under it, holding the frayed edges in place. I rather like it in this state.


Chris said...

That is so charming - I love the Nana linen. Plus the mug holder is really quite cute and you were clever to re-think it's use. I've just redone my sewing/creating corner and am inspired to keep my mind open for new uses for had-forever-stuff. Thanks!
--Vicki K said...

Yes, you are right, this is a great display for craft tools!

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