Friday, May 30, 2008

Taste of Bawlmer

Dear coworker Laura went to Baltimore and brought me back these divine treats, a cakey vanilla cookie with a thick dark chocolate ganache topping. We both agreed this was the easiest to tote back to Atlanta, compared to my other requests . . . a case of National Boh, a bushel of steamed crabs and/or my sister Beth. She brought a box of Bergers for the office and one just for little ol' me. Thanks, girlie.

I love how the packaging is so inconsistent — Berger on the label, Berger's on one side, and Bergers on the other side (sans apostrophe). Just a tribute to what I'd like to think was the case . . . five generations of a Baltimore family concentrating more on making a scrumptious cookie than caring about what it's packaged in! It makes for a rather endearing cookie, I think.

And love the expiration date on top. Yeah right . . . these are gonna last 'til July 2.

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