Wednesday, May 21, 2008

After the Storm

Quite a doozy last night. I was running a little late getting home and felt like a storm chaser trying to outrun a twister as I rushed to get home to a daughter and dog holed up in the bathtub with blanket, flashlight and transistor radio. Luckily our home was unscathed, but the neighborhood took a little bit of a beating with a scattering of downed trees and branches. I've got my tree guys coming in two weeks to cut the trees back whose branches are starting to touch the roof; last night how I wished they had already come and done the job. But, no damage to the roof.

This weekend Harleigh and I will be cleaning out the garage to get ready for the SECOND CAR. Her grandfather is on the hunt for a dependable used auto for her, and I'll want to be able to park both hers and mine in the garage. My bowels are moving just thinking about my baby driving by herself. But with all her before- and after-school activities, a summer job, weekend commitments . . . it's a necessity.

I'm gearing up to paint my bedside cabinet. I think I'm going to go with the whole bright white and ivory thing. This picture below shows the sideboard in my living room. I got it at Goodwill, stripped it, painted it ivory, and sprayed the hardware a white white. The storage space in it is amazing, holding hard-to-store items like my punchbowl and cake stands. Refinishing furniture is one of those relaxing escapes for me.
Here is a picture of one section of the bookshelves in my study. Jane at Posy has highlighted books like this before and I've been inspired and intrigued enough from ones I've seen on her shelves to add them to my own. Although her taste is a little different than mine, the Tracy Porter books are scrumptious eye candy and have given me so many ideas, especially for entertaining. And of course the Rachel Ashwell books; can't say enough about all that I love of her style. I think that Jemima Mills From a House to a Home is one of my top 5 favorites. It is picture after picture of comfortable, family-worn English interiors and a delightful read as well. So here's to piquing your interest!

Enjoy this day!


Freckled Hen said...

Storms are no fun, glad you made through okay. I love your bookshelf and must confess I purchased the Anita Kaushal book you recommended, "The Family at Home". I love it and have forced myself to read a few pages at a time to make it last. Thanks for your comments on my are so nice!

Elizabeth said...

The picture of the sideboard is so pretty especially up against that window.
I know what you mean about your kids learning to drive! My oldest is 23 soon, and she doesn't drive because she lives in San Francisco,so I didn't have to go through it with her. My youngest though,who is 18, will attempt to get her license this summer! So, I know how you feel about the stomach churning!!

kate said...

I am SO GLAD to hear your daughter is doing better this week! That sideboard is super cute. I wish I liked to strip furniture. (LOL I had to catch myself before hitting publish because I forgot to put that last word on there. Woo that would have embarassing!)

Except now I have told the world so really I might as well of sent it.

Daisys Little Cottage said...

Wow, what a lovely photo of your window. Ill have to check out some of your books.

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