Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Here is the corsage that my stepdad, Fred, has hidden every year, the Friday before Mother's Day, for Harleigh to give me on Mother's Day morning. It started with me not knowing he was doing it, and he would call our house early on Mother's Day and remind her to give it to me. She's 16 now, there's no reminder phone call, and I must admit that I do know about their little secret and we all giggle about how the sweet tradition continues.

And here is one of my favorite pictures of me and Harleigh. She was less than 5 years old (how horrible am I at remembering the age of my only child in pictures!?!?!?). Now that I've posted a picture of myself as a slender mid-30-year-old, it will be really hard to post one of myself now.
It's been a very nice day. Started off with a bad thunderstorm and has turned into a warm, windy and sunny afternoon. Out to lunch with my family and now home to relax before the daunting work week rears its ugly head. Happy Mother's Day to all, as every one of us celebrates moms, be it our own or one we know who inspires us. (I want to wish Melinda a wonderful day; she's one of my favorite moms out there!)

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Sarah said...

That is the sweetest mothers day tradition. I love it!

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