Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gideon and the Summer House

Dear Giddy is the ultimate house dog. Despite his size and herding bloodline, the guy is quite content to chill-ax around Chateau Gahan. In the cooler weather he's always up for a brisk walk, but with the humid oppression of an Atlanta summer here before the calendar turns its page to June 1, he's happy as can be in the AC. Outside sessions of lying in the grass or on the back patio are at a minimum, relegated to mornings before the sun comes out or evenings when she's gone down.

And there's nothing like driving up to Chateau Gahan at the end of a workday . . . Gideon waiting for me at the front door and Harleigh's beach towel and bathing suit (staples in a camp day) drying on the front bench. 

I love the top left picture. Sometimes when he's tuckered out but so afraid he's going to miss something, he half falls asleep with his head up. (The black you see on his left eye isn't an eyeball but a black spot underneath his eye.) And I love that he usually tucks a front leg underneath when he's lying down.


Gretchen said...

I think Gideon looks "super cute" with his Summer haircut. The benches in your front entryway are such a welcome with your plants and so forth. He and I love to do the same things...chill and sleep.

Christine said...

I love him!

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