Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dull, and makin' no apologies

If a holiday weekend doesn't hold beach or lake fantasies, then let it be all about what feels good at home . . .  sleeping in and laying in bed talking with my girl, making a pot of coffee and sipping on cups until 11:00AM, knowing nothing is ahead and pressing . . . simply . . .being. Aside from taking the car in for major work yesterday, it was all about home.

On Friday night I stoked up the chiminea; watching a roaring fire — and I do make a mean fire — whether in my chiminea or in the living room fireplace is about as good as it gets. And as I said on the Instragram caption, the evening would not have been complete without Gideon at my side. My trusty sidekick. The Ethel to my Lucy. The Mrs. Beasley to my Buffy. The Lassie to my Timmy (although I don't know if dear Giddy would know how to save me if I fell down a well).

This morning as we get ready for churches (I go to one and Harleigh goes to another), the house is rockin' to One Direction What Makes You Beautiful (the Gahan Girls love their boy bands).

Co-workers often give me empty tins and jars, knowing that I can use them in my craft room arsenal. Here is an empty Chambord liqueur bottle which is getting decorated to be a perfume bottle and added to the dress-up items from Harleigh's little girl days. One day, if I have a granddaughter, Marmie's place is gonna be THE place to come for dressing up.  The other two photographs are clues to the girlie being home for the summer . . . a camp bookbag forever at the front door (and shoes everywhere, eeegads the shoes), drink glasses and the remote left on the coffee table, all good things.

The American flag is out, and Gideon stands guard at the front door (can ya see the drool-drip on the storm door?? Let's add housecleaning to the to-do list this weekend). Oh, and the girlie is notorious for using blankets everywhere she sits, and they never seem to make it back to the blanket baskets, which Gideon is quite happy about (there's nothing like sleeping on anything that smells like the two girls he loves most in the world).

I'm afraid this is about as exciting as things will get this long, holiday weekend. And that's fine by me.

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Gretchen said...

You two just relax and enjoy each other's company. Happy Memorial Day!

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