Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Madison and Shelby's Graduation Party

I've known Madison for probably 14 years. Her mom and I have worked together for that long, and so Madison and Harleigh have grown up together. When Julie asked me if I'd consider helping out for the open house that Madison and her best friend, Shelby, were hosting post-graduation, I was honored to help. I organized the kick-off meeting, but beyond that, was on the sidelines. Madison's stepmom, Mara, was the champion of the party planning committee, with everything from custom-wrapped chocolates to tulle ribbons and bunting adorning decks and fences. I offered to do a photo booth which everyone enjoyed, and which gave me the chance to interact with everyone easily (considering I knew hardly anyone there). The girls were fantastic hostesses, the kids all had a blast, and we parents enjoyed a hot shower and cool sheets more than we had in a long time!

Mara has one of those killer embroidery machines. 
She made the two moms these fun aprons and for the girls, high school alma mater pillows 
which people signed.
Madison and her mom, Julie, are on the right.

Corn hole was a big hit. Mara made the bean bags. How cute are they!!!!

My bird cages always come in handy for events. 
Here they corralled envelope gifts as well as sentiment cards that the guests filled out.

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Gretchen said...

The party looked like a lot of fun and not just for the kids. I'm sure you adults enjoyed it too.

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