Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sears Christmas Catalog

Have you ever priced Sears Christmas Catalogs from the 1960s? On Ebay they're super expensive. But I'd always thought it be a neat thing to own. I remember as a little girl, the catalog arriving in the mail, and my sister and I poring over every toy page. And our Santa list was made.

I found this great website called Wish Book and you can view those Christmas Catalogs online, page by glorious page.

Here are two toys that I remember loving. This car dashboard was a toy all the grandchildren enjoyed whenever we visited. I recall the living room chair that I used to sit in, the dashboard straddling the cushioned arms. Gosh I loved that car. Changing gears, pretending I was a mom with kids in the backseat, loving the clicking sound the windshield wipers made, I may have even had a candy cigarette between two fingers, pretending to flick the ashes out the "side window."

And the Barbies. Good gosh, the Barbies. My sister and I gave away every stitch of Barbie we ever owned, dumb I know. The camper, the furniture, the clothes, all the little dishware.  I had this cardboard kitchen. Just seeing it takes me back.

If you get a chance, go through some of the Christmas Catalogs on the website I referenced above. I was amazed at how many toys and clothes I saw that we had gotten from Santa. Such a treat.


Gretchen said...

I honestly don't remember the dashboard car thing. I guess I'm showing my age but I did have a Ginny doll with a locker kind of thing that I kept all her clothes in. I played with that doll every day.


Lisa said...

Thank you so much for sharing this site with us!! I have been looking for a little grocery store set that I received one year for Chrismtas but could not remember the exact details. There is was in the JC Penney catalog 1964.

I have spent the last hour just looking away. Thanks again!! Give Gideon a hug!!

Elizabeth said...

That was so much fun to look at the catalogs that were around the time I was a kid! Thanks for the link, it was a lot of fun :)

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