Friday, May 25, 2012

High Octane

My workplace, Unboundary, hosted a Creative Mornings, a monthly breakfast lecture series that is currently happening in 29 cities worldwide. Tod Martin, our president and chief executive, was the featured speaker for the Atlanta chapter's program this morning. Coffee was provided by Octane (quite the amped up cup of java compared to my usual Maxwell House brew at home), and the pastries, provided by The Little Tart Bakeshop, were a treat. I had a bacon and cheese scone, with a kick of cayenne seasoning, which was like eating a cheese omelette and bacon breakfast in a pastry. Have a looksie at some of their treats below.

Our office closes at noon today, although a small team of us has work that will keep us here a bit longer. Harleigh and Kasey have camp training today and then head directly to a graduation south of the city (dang, traffic ain't gonna be in their favor what with all the holiday congestion). They wrap up training tomorrow, she babysits tomorrow night, and will be in Monroe with Kasey's family on Memorial Day (I was invited but chose to stay at Chateau Gahan where I hope to get some much overdue yard work done).

Staving off a tinge of depression, hoping that dabbling in some craft projects, putting out my American flag, building a fire tonite in my chiminea, reading and gardening will cure. Dawn E. Girl, make the best of this time off; it's too precious to feel regretful about come Tuesday.

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DTPfromATL said...

i heart you. and miss you.

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