Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Recap

We girls in the family went for months with no plans for Mother's Day, thinking that Mom and Dad would be out of town for the weekend. But when I discovered that it was the weekend AFTER Mother's Day that they'd be gone, I got into planning mode, not an easy feat when I was to be out of town Thursday, Friday and half of Saturday getting Harleigh moved from one place to another. And so I pared down the soiree to an afternoon of grazing on hors d'oeuvres.

I made a cold Shrimp Dip (with tortilla scoops), a hot Vidalia onion dip (with Triscuits), hot spinach dip (with water crackers), and bacon and water chestnut wraps. Mom brought Swedish meatballs and a cheese and cracker assortment. We had lots of wine, and made a blender drink called Skip & Go Naked (vodka, beer and frozen pink lemonade concentrate). It was all very casual and easy.  I picked up flowers from Trader Joe's. And the night before, I went through old photos and had a platter of them on the coffee table for my mom to go through and enjoy.

Harleigh is home for the summer! She got her grades on Saturday and got a 4.0 for the semester. So proud of her. The girl has learned the fine art of balance, handling school work and all of her church, campus ministry and social commitments with ease and joy. Her boyfriend, Kasey, interviewed for a counselor position at Camp All-American (where Harleigh will be working this summer as a core leader), and we found out on Saturday that he got the job! And then learned yesterday that they found him a host home (as an out-of-town employee, Perimeter Church is responsible for making living arrangements for the summer), and he'll be living around the corner from us. Looking forward to the next three months!!!!

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