Sunday, August 10, 2008

Two Shell Crosses for Sale

When I did my 200th Post Giveaway, I had an overwhelming response to the shell cross included in the package. That particular one was a small cross, but most of what I've crafted have been larger ones (13" x 9"). Some people thought they'd be perfect for a beach house, one gal is doing a nursery in a seaside theme, others collect shells, some — like me — adore anything beachy, a few collect crosses, some live in coastal communities, others have beach- or ocean-themed rooms in their homes.

It is a project I love doing. My heart goes into each and every one. I'm selling two here. Both are the large version. I debated on price, and with the help from some blog friends and chatting with my family, I'm going to offer one at $40, the other at $45. That does not include the shipping, which I can figure and then communicate to whoever wishes to purchase one.

Simply leave me a comment; first come, first served. Tell me which cross you'd like to purchase. Make sure you also leave me your email address if your name doesn't automatically link to a blogger profile that contains your email address.

And I do plan on making many more.

Crosss 1: The Sea Urchin Crown — $40 plus shipping
Cross 2: Broken — $45 plus shipping
I found this twisted piece of coral (?) on the Florida coast, and it seemed to work perfectly here to symbolize Christ's twisted body. I used lots of broken shells and shell fragments to piece this cross together.


Gretchen said...

I would love to purchase whichever cross you haven't sold. Just e-mail me your address, shipping cost and I will mail you a check tomorrow.


Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

They are just beautiful, Dawn! xo-Mel

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