Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Last Summer Pedicure

Harleigh and I went to get pedicures today. I think it's one of the most fun mother/daughter things to do. Relaxing in a massaging recliner, getting our calves and feet rubbed, chatting up a storm. My ode to the last of summer . . . blue polish with sunflowers on my big toenails. Call me crazy (or, as the Asian gal working on me said, "you are a wild Mom!).

[Not a big fan of posting pictures of feet, but these toes were just too darn cute not to share.]


Stacey said...

They are indeed very cute toes!
Our Australian winter is coming to an end and I desperately need to do something with my toes - they are not fit to be seen.

julie said...

I thought those were Harliegh's toes! You go girl!

Gretchen said...

Those look like happy, contented toes to me.


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