Saturday, August 9, 2008

Shoji Screen

Was in Hobby Lobby today just killin' time (so nice to do nothing after this past week of work; that's a post unto itself!). Saw this Shoji screen and didn't think twice about it, but then I saw that one of the paper panels was ripped. Light bulb lights up in head. Went to the manager and he gave the screen to me for $20. The original cost was $70, which I would never have paid. I think I'll rip all the rice paper off and replace the backing with a vintage fabric or wallpaper. I might even spray paint the frame and panes, depending on the fabric I find.

One of the nice things about the screen is that the hinges allow the panels to fold both ways, so there's lots of configurations I can put it into. Now . . . onto the hunt for the fabric/wallpaper.


Gretchen said...

You have greater vision than me. I would have just seen a Shoji screen that wouldn't work in my house for $70 bucks. Not only did you get a deal but I love the idea of painting the frame and then putting fabric over it. Now I may have to go to HL and kick a hole in a Shoji screen. Watch for me on the evening news.


K_Streams_Her_C said...

What a great (bargain) find!

Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

OOH! I love it! I can't wait to see it all "dolled" up! Gretchen is right - your vision to see what it could be is great! You're going to have a real treasure when it's all done-if not, I guess you could send it to my house... Just sayin... xo-Mel

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