Saturday, August 23, 2008

Football Season Begins!

We girls here at Chateau Gahan have always lived for high school football season. Down here in the good ol' South, it's the pulse of Friday nights. Before Harleigh transferred to private school (where, alas, there is no football team or marching band), what we loved most about Norcross High were the basketball and football teams and the marching band. Tonite was the first game of the season and Norcross played Camden at the Georgia Dome, home of the Atlanta Falcons. We lost terribly, but Harleigh and I had a blast. 1) We'd never been to the Dome before, 2) it warmed my heart to think of these kids playing in an NFL venue, 3) Harleigh got to see all her NHS bandmates, and 4) she and I got to hoot and holler. Made for a great evening.

We'll be back to small-town highschool football fields next week and the weeks to come, but perhaps we'll find ourselves back at the Dome playing a State championship game.

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