Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Thrift Store in Town

After dropping Gideon off at the groomer this morning, I noticed a sign for a newly-opened thrift store. Detour! Detour! Wound up getting these two shells (from the FREE box), two satin-lined boxes covered in a neat quilted vintage fabric, two small bowls for $1 each. One, with the daisies, is made by Haviland & Co., the other is made by The Butchart Gardens out of Victoria, Canada. The March "sweet dish" from the Gardens is on their online store for $8.99 so I got a good deal on that. It will be a little extra gift in my sister's birthday package come March (her birthday month).

My sister's daughter, Melanie, has just graduated from high school and will be starting college this fall working towards a degree in library science. I've been holding off on sending her a graduation gift check, trying to find a first edition book to send her, with the check tucked 'tween the pages ala bookmark. Seemed a little warmer than sending just a check. Snagged this edition for $24. I don't think it is first edition (first edition would have been 1886 and this one is 1895), but just couldn't pass it up. Just look at how beautiful the spine is.


Bella said...

That's so much fun, I only have one thrift store in town and I have yet to venture into it!

I used to go thrifting alot in my old house with some buddies over that way, it was so much fun :)

Love your goodies!


Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

I love a good thrift store! What an absolutely beautiful gift-so very thoughtful! xo-Mel

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