Saturday, August 30, 2008

OH . . . . . . . . MY . . . . . . . . GOSH . . . . . . . .

. . . . . this project is taking me FOREVER to finish. I had removed the batting backing days ago and thought that the remnants that stuck (where it had been adhered to the frame with glue) would be easy enough to get off. But after failed attempts using WD-40, Goo Be Gone, and turpentine, I had to resort to sanding. It took me 3 hours, and I still have some flyaway hairs of batting that keep peeking from behind the frame.

And then the painting. In hindsight I should have painted the screen frame with a paintbrush, but I chose spray paint. Not always the easiest. In this case, since there are so many angles and such small pieces, when I spray, 25% of the spray goes on the wood and 75% into blank space. I've used two cans of primer and am onto my 4th can of topcoat and there's a ton more to do.

But tonite I'll take a break from the frame and begin cutting out the scrapbook paper to fit the individual panes. This is definitely one of those projects that winds up taking 10 times longer than you initially envisioned. I hope it's one that turns out soooo good, that is was worth all the time and effort.

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Gretchen said...

I tried not to read this post so I wouldn't be dissuaded from trying to buy one of those screens. Spray paint doesn't work very well for me. It just drips everywhere and the I need to sand.


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